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Technology Services

Fortenberry & Associates - Information Management - Technology Services

In the time where multiple technology tools and software applications are used within organizations, we can assist in assessing those tools and software and developing requirements for acquisition and management of the information held in them.


We are not a reseller or vendor of software or hardware which allows us to provide impartial technological consultation.  Our associates bring years of experience in the selection, development and implementation of systems such as: Enterprise Vault by Veritas, FileNet by IBM, HP Records Manager (Autonomy), Laserfiche, Microsoft SharePoint, OnBase by Hyland, OpenText ECM, and many others.

ERMS / ECM Requirements Development


Our qualified and experience professionals help your organization by providing review and trade study services to identify the business requirements of your organization and incorporate industry or local, state or national regulations needs in developing the requirements of electronic records or content management systems and applications. 


We partner with you to see the entire picture and how moving forward or upgrading electronically can best be supported by and grow with your organization.



Technology Tools / Software Assessment & Acquisition


We help you identify not only the technical needs of electronic information tools and solutions but also how those tools / solutions can best serve your organization.


We provide assistance in the assessment and selection of technology tools and software to better manage your information. 



RFP Development


Due to the unique nature of information management / records management disciplines, we see many RFPs (requests for proposals) that provide a lot of information, but do not accurately scope the project in a way that results in the organization getting what they thought they were requesting. 


We help you craft an RFP that both represents your organization’s needs and requirements, provides the information required for bidders to provide a realistic bid and utilizes appropriate industry terminology to help attract the most competent and capable bidders to your project.



Vendor Identification, Review & Vetting


Selecting a vendor can be a daunting task.  We work with you to identify the most qualified vendors to meet your project needs.  We utilize our knowledge and hands-on experience in the industry to present you with a selection of the right vendors and/or solutions to meet your needs.


Once you have a “short-list” of vendors, the job of reviewing those vendors can be challenging.  We work with you and the short-listed vendors to identify those solutions that will provide you with what you are looking for and meet your needs including budget requirements.


An important part of any search and review for an electronic information solution is seeing it in action by using real-world scenarios.  We work with you and selected vendors to develop and display a rigorous demonstration of the abilities for the selected solution(s).  We assist your organization in identifying which solution provided the best results based on our decades of experience.  We provide you a written report on the results of the review and identify which solution would be best for your organization.




Enterprise Roll-out Planning


Introducing a new process or technology to your organization is no small task and is often traumatic for end users.  Let us work with you to craft a roll-out plan that takes into account your need for business continuity during the process and helps pave the way for an effective transition with your end-users.


From pilot project approach to multi-departmental roll-outs, we can help you identify your plan including initial training needs and schedules for implementation.




Maximizing Existing Technologies


Sometimes a new solution is not the way to go or there is just no budget to introduce a new state-of-the-art technology.  Maximizing your existing systems and applications may be the better option.  We review your current state and work with you to develop a plan to maximize your current abilities while positioning your organization for new technology in the future.




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