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Fortenberry & Associates - Information Management - Development Services

Development Services

Manage growth responsibly and ensure uniformity and compliance

Typical development projects include a mix of consultant services delivered in phases to achieve an objective.  We provide development assistance from entire programs to specific and targeted requirements.


Fortenberry & Associates supports the development of comprehensive information governance and records and information management programs to ensure your organization’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations while remaining effective and productive.

Policies / Procedures


Every information governance, RIM (records and information management) or any program regardless of its size or scope relies on having solid policies and procedures as its guide.  We work with your program management, senior leadership and/or staff to develop policies and procedures which reflect both legal and business requirements that both guide and harmonize with your organization’s culture and requirements.


We can develop policies and procedures or review your existing policies and procedures and update or revise as needed based on new requirements, processes or practices.




Records Inventories


We work with your organization to identify the records produced, received and utilized by your personnel.  By using either or both onsite or online data collection methods, we create a detailed inventory of your information and capture the relevant data points to create the most complete view of your information universe.


We develop the information collected during records inventories based on your specific needs and requirements.  Since we consider the information gathered during records inventory as belonging to you, we provide you with the data collected.




Defensible Retention Schedules


We provide services to both develop an initial retention schedule for you and revise your existing record retention schedule to meet current business and regulatory needs.


We recommend a regularly scheduled review of your retention program to ensure that your schedule is up to date with current retention requirements and practices.




Citation Review / Research


We provide legal citation research and review for retention schedules.  We are not attorneys but can conduct the research and identify states and federal citations that relate to your specific records. 


If international citation research is required, we partner with companies that can provide specific research for the countries required.




Vital Records Program / Identification


Developing a vital records program goes hand-in-hand with a complete business or organizational continuity plan.  We can assist in identifying those records and information that must be maintained and accessible regardless of what happens.


We can provide you with a complete vital records program or just the identification of those records that need special protection.




Legal Hold Process


Having a legal hold process is vital for any organization.  We hope that it never has to be enacted but when it’s needed, it is good to have it in place and vetted again current legal requirements.  The worse time to have to develop a process is while you are responding to requests for information.


We work with you to develop a process that keeps your organization on track with regular operations while fulfilling the requirements of the discovery process.




Training / Education


An organization can have the most complete and inclusive policies and procedures, but if the personnel within the organization don’t understand their role and how to implement those plans, compliance continues to be brought into question.


Training of personnel about their responsibilities is vital to building a compliant program.


We provide you with entire training modules, utilizing the “train the trainer” methodology, or specific components of a training module.


Training is developed to your specific needs and requirements and in a format that works within your organization whether it is facilitated, online or offline.




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