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Support Services

Fortenberry & Associates - Information Management - Support Services

Fortenberry & Associates provides both onsite and offsite support for clients.  We are not attorneys but we can provide support for discovery and litigation support activities.  We also provide short-term contract RIM staff support for both onsite and offsite requirements.  Depending on specific needs of clients, we may also be able to help with longer-term contract support assistance.


Discovery & Litigation Support


We provide support by working with your legal counsel and personnel to gather and organize the information captured for production during the discovery process.  As stated above, we are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice.

Short-term Contract RIM Staffing Support (Onsite or Offsite)


We provide both onsite and offsite support of your RIM projects or programs by locating and staffing experienced personnel who understand the importance of RIM and have a proven experience supporting information management activities.


Depending on your particular needs, we may also be able to provide longer-term contract RIM support assistance.

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