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Fortenberry & Associates - Information Management - Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Balance planning with executional excellence!

Implementation Oversight / Services


We work with your organization to move implementation projects forward by partnering with you and customizing implementation plans to work best for and within your organization.


We provide Implementation Oversight to ensure implementations run smoothly and on schedule by working with your specialized vendors to ensure adherence to not only your organizational requirements and processes but also ensuring that your implementation remains on track.


For implementation of processes (not software implementation), we provide onsite implementation services and work directly with your staff in ensuring the implementation is handled effectively and efficiently.


We help you implement an entire program or specific and individual modules or parts of programs.




Application of Retention Requirements


We work through your information to apply retention and disposition requirements to your information as directed by your retention schedule, business and/or legal needs.


This assistance can be performed by our consultants or we can provide you with plan of action for your staff to apply retention requirements.  Our plans of action include recommended tasks in priority order along with time frames for completion and required resources.


Application of retention requirements includes applying retention schedules, taxonomies and retention rules to both paper and/or electronic systems and processes.




Implementation Training Development and Facilitation


As with most implementation projects, if staff is not trained in the new requirements and understand what is expected of them, success can be difficult if not impossible.


By utilizing our experience and expertise, we work with you to develop the specific training required for the implementation.  This training may be technical on how to use specific programs, systems or applications; or if may be providing staff with how to perform new processes or requirements.  Our training is developed to meet the particular needs and requirements or your organization including the training facilitation method to be used.


We can facilitate training or provide “train the trainer” modules.  We provide online or electronic training modules for use inside your organization or through our online training system.




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