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Information Governance Services

Information Governance seems to be misunderstood quite often.  It has been difficult to find a definition that appears to satisfy everyone’s idea of what it includes.  Although Information Governance, as a term, appears to be a fairly recent addition to our vocabulary, the concepts and ideas behind are not.


As to definitions, here are a few we have found:


Information Governance is the system – structures, policies, procedures, processes and controls – implemented to manage information at an enterprise level, supporting an organization’s immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements.  Information governance encompasses more than traditional records management.  It incorporates privacy attributes, electronic discovery requirements, storage optimization and metadata management.


Information Governance is an enterprise-centric function that includes the compliance focus of corporate-level classification, consistent metadata, retention, disposition, e-discovery practices, auditing, risk reduction, version control, security, access control and any other management functions that assist the organization in providing due diligence of its information management program.


Information Governance is an accountability framework that includes the people, processes, policies and technologies that ensure the effective management or information to enable an organization to achieve its strategic goals and business programs.


What Information Governance Means to Us


We feel that Information Governance should provide the requirements and structure for information within an organization at the top level.  It should be enterprise-wide and include the overall structure for the governance and governing bodies, policies, procedures, processes, technologies and controls to ensure that regulatory, legal, risk and operations requirements of the organization are met.  Information Governance should work in partnership with ensuring the organization remains compliant while productive, efficient and profitable.


See our Services page for specific services.

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