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Strategic Services

Fortenberry & Associates - Information Management - Strategic Services

Balance today's information needs for tomorrow's advantage.

We’ll provide strategic planning and direction to move you from where are today to where you need to be in the near future.  We’ll build an enterprise strategy while identifying the distinct, achievable phases. 


Fortenberry & Associates can provide everything from advice or guidance to full work plans – a set of recommendations to solve particular problems along with estimated resources, time frame and costs to do so.


Whether a needs assessment or the development of a strategic plan to get you where you want to go, put our experience to work for you.


We work with you to scope our services to your organization and needs.  We do not take a “one size fits all approach”.

Scoping Consultation


We work with you and provide a high-level review of your organization’s information needs to assist you in identifying the overall problems and/or issues in your Records and Information Governance (RIM) or Information Governance (IG) program.  This process allows you to move forward with a clear understanding of areas that need work and an accurate description of your needs.  We can then help you create an educated and realistic scope of work that meets your RIM or IG needs.


Based on the information identified during the scoping consultation, you can go forward with developing a project plan, requesting funding, drafting a contract or putting together a request for proposals.



Audit / Assessment


To ensure your Records and Information Governance (RIM) or Information Governance (IG) program is achieving the required results, we’ll help you perform an assessment or formal audit of your program or organization.  Normally assessments are less formal in nature but many, if not all, of the same elements are reviewed.


We review your existing policies, procedures, structure, staffing, culture and practices (or any combination of the data elements required for the project) with key personnel and stakeholders.  We work with you to identify the information to gather during the assessment based on the type, scope and breath of the required assessment.


We compile the information collected during audits and assessments based on your specific needs and requirements.  We utilize both onsite and online (remote) collection methods and the information and insights gathered during audits / assessments belongs to you. 


You receive a detailed analysis report of our findings, gaps identified during the assessment and opportunities for improvement.  We’ll even highlight those individuals and groups that are accomplishing great things.  Our reports balance the good things being accomplished with opportunities for improvement.


With an audit or assessment as a starting point, we can help guide you to the next steps for moving your program forward.


The most common audits / assessments include:

  • Program (entire program or specific portions of your program)

  • Current practices

  • Organizational culture

  • Information governance or RIM structure

  • Storage requirements (both hard copy and electronic)




Strategic Planning


We recommend that any organization looking to produce a 1-, 3- or 5-year strategic plan begin with assessing their Records and Information Governance (RIM) or Information Governance (IG) program.  Depending on the focus of the strategic plan, the current situation to review may change.  For example, if you need a records management strategic plan or information governance strategic plan, we review your current structure, practices, processes and location of your information.   Experience shows us that understanding your current strengths and gaps will provide a solid starting point for identifying where you want / need to go and how you want / need to get there.


Strategic plans include the steps required to obtain a successful implementation of the recommendations.  Plans are developed specifically to your needs and requirements including the level of detail required and associated timeline(s).  We can work with you to provide management briefings of our findings and recommendations to secure approvals for funding and moving forward.




Storage Requirements / Options


We review your current information storage practices, locations and usage to identify current trends.  From this review, we provide you a detailed report of your current usage and identify future requirements for both electronic and/or paper records and information.  Storage options are identified that include onsite and offsite and the storage requirements plan is developed to work for you now and into the future!




M&A (Merger & Acquisition) RIM Requirements Planning


Merging two or more organizations into one unified structure is a daunting process no matter the size.  We start by taking an inventory of the records and information sources, repositories and systems containing records / information and map them against the existing information landscape.  We then help identify the best way to manage the information in different systems.  In some cases, it may be too expensive or time-consuming to move all the data into the same programs or locations.  We work with you to determine the best methods for retaining the information while balancing need, cost and compliance requirements.




Information Data Mapping


It is important to understand where your organization maintains its information.  We recommend that you know where ALL your information is located – not just electronic information.  When you need to produce or access information, you need to ensure you have the all of the correct information.


Information data mapping includes information / records in all formats and media.


We work with you to identify the storage locations including rooms, buildings or offsite vendors for paper records; and the servers, drives, devices and vendors including cloud-based applications for electronic records / information.


A map and/or data table is developed to allow you to quickly identify where your information resides.




Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Data Mapping


Electronically stored information (ESI) data mapping refers to mapping only your electronic information located both inside and outside your organization.


As with Information Data Mapping, we work with you to identify the storage locations for your electronic records / information including which servers, drives, devices and vendors including cloud based applications


A map and/or data table is developed to allow you to quickly identify where your electronic information resides.




Process Review and Mapping


Understanding how information is created and utilized within your organization is critical to understanding how it either benefits or hinders your organization.  Significant ROI (return on investment) can be realized by performing an in-depth review and mapping of business processes and the information points contained in those processes. 


By reviewing your business processes from an information viewpoint, we identify points where information can benefit your organization on multiple levels or in multiple locations, reduce redundancy and maximize existing knowledge to make your organization more agile and efficient.




Maximizing Current Resources


Not only in today's business environment but at any time, it is imperative to maximizing our current resources.   The ability to “buy” something new or better is not always an option.


We understand this dilemma and work with you to identify the best methods for maximizing your current resources whether they are personnel, electronic applications or systems or paper storage methods.


Being able to use your current resources more effectively and efficiently may provide you with the time required to plan and move towards your ultimate goal or requirements.




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