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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
DoubleTree by Hilton Denver - Aurora

Kathleen Fortenberry, CRM

Consultant / Business Owner

Kathleen Fortenberry is founder and principal consultant of Fortenberry & Associates, Inc.  She is an experienced information strategist and assists companies and clients develop and implement procedures, methods and plans to better utilize their information.  She has over 35 years of experience in the fields of Information Governance (IG) and Records and Information Management (RIM). 


Presentation:  Strategize Your Information


All companies and organizations need to strategically manage their business information.  Knowing what they have, where it is located, how it is used – or not used and what happens to it is critical for companies to be productive, profitable, secure and compliant.  Strategy is essential.  This presentation provides the basic building blocks needed to develop an information strategy.

Ann K. Snyder, Esq.

Attorney / Sr. Fellow at the Information Governance Institute

Ann K. Snyder, Esq. is a Senior Fellow at the Information Governance Initiative. 


Presentation:  Start Treating Your Information Like the Business Asset It Is


Your organization’s information is a business asset, with both a risk and value side to it.  Any decision you make about what to do with your information—delete, migrate, share, mine it, etc.—implicates this dual nature.  The right balance between risk and value needs to fit your specific organization, and ultimately the decisions you make about what to do with your information are business decisions.  Getting your legal house in order is a critical first step.  This session will discuss how ensuring that you understand your legal and regulatory obligations and are governing your information effectively to meet them can facilitate all of the decisions your make about how to handle your information.


Jesse Wilkins, CIP, CRM is the Director, Professional Development for AIIM International.  He has worked in the information management industry for 20 years as an end user, vendor, consultant and trainer.


Presentation:  It’s 2 am:  Do You Know Where Your Information Is?


More information has been created in the last ten years than in the preceding 100,000 years - and the pace continues to increase.  At the same time, we're trusting that we'll be able to access that information anytime, anywhere, from any device.  But do you really know where your information is?  In this session, we'll discuss where enterprise information lives, what happens when it escapes, and how to manage it more effectively.

Jesse Wilkins, CIP, CRM

Dir. Professional Development

Alex Wood is the Chief Information Security Officer for a financial services company, International Board Member for the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and Principal Consultant at Elevation Security Consulting.  Alex has over 16 years of experience in the Information Security field and is a regular speaker at industry events.


Presentation:  How Security Matters to You


The security of the computer systems we use and the information that they hold has become an issue that affects everyone.  Our connected lifestyle has inextricably woven computers into both our personal and business lives which also has introduced changing threats to our security and privacy.  This talk will explore the threats we face today as well as steps we can take to protect the information we keep.

Alex Wood

Chief Information Security Officer

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